Data Scientist(数据科学家)

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Job Overview:

Data Scientist (DS) will be responsible for conceptualizing, planning and executing advanced analytics projects to discover key insights. DS will design and execute advanced analytics projects building on a wide range of commercial and research datasets.

DS will also ensure that design, execution, and presentation of analysis results are adhering to industry standards and potentially improve and redefine current industry standards. DS will rely on advanced analytical skills, and ability to interact with cross-functional experts such as statisticians, domain scientists and experts. In addition, DS will maintain and expand knowledge of available data sources and applicable state-of-the-art analysis methodologies including machine and deep learning, large scale data processing and visualization, and languages and tools (R, Python, (no-)SQL, Hadoop, Spark, etc.).


  • ●Drives data science in agile analytical software development teams and develops solutions to support insight generation

  • ●Maintains and expands knowledge of and access to available and meaningful data sources

  • ●Performs high quality, timely and accurate analyses using most relevant state-of-the-art  methodologies, tools and resources

  • ●Responsible for planning and timely delivery of assigned projects

  • ●Committed to offering innovation, finds opportunities to enhance ways of working  (including processes, methods, technology etc.) and shares new techniques  and lessons learned pro-actively with peers


  • ●Strong statistical programming skills in R, Python or another analytical language

  • ●In-depth knowledge of relational database principles and corresponding query language skills (e.g. SQL)

  • ●Experience using big data platforms such as Hadoop (Spark is a plus)

  • ●Experience in applying statistical modelling, machine learning, exploratory, and confirmatory data analysis in mid to large volume data sets

  • ●Familiarity with regulatory framework and guidelines for pharma/diagnostics products is a plus

  • ●Excellent communication skills; ability to negotiate successfully

  • ●Strong solution finding, and prioritization skills and attention to detail; Embraces and endorses change

Background/Experience and Education:

  • ●PhD or Masters in data science related field (e.g. Computer Science, Statistics, mathematics,  Bioinformatics). Graduate training or experience in epidemiology and outcome is highly preferred

  • ●Strong background in Oncology, either by education or professional experience

  • ●Strong Programming  experience with R, Python, and/or other statistical software packages

  • ●Proven practical experience in applying machine learning techniques to large data sets

  • ●Good knowledge of English and Chinese in a business environment






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